John and Moses Brown

Brothers integral both to the University's founding and to its role in the Rhode Island slave trade

Francis Wayland

Brown's fourth president, who introduced revolutionary but ultimately unsuccessful curricular reforms

Sarah Doyle

An activist whose work led to the creation of Brown's original Women's College

Elisha Benjamin Andrews

Brown's eight president, whose tenure saw Brown expand significantly in size

Henry Wriston

Brown's 11th president, who coined the enduring term of "university-college" to define Brown's academic mission

Ira Magaziner and Elliot Maxwell

Undergraduates whose on-campus activism led to the adoption of the Open Curriculum

Donald Hornig

Brown's 14th president, who oversaw the introduction of Brown's medical school

Louise Lamphere

Brown's first female faculty member to receive tenure

Roger Vann

Undergraduate who led efforts to promote divestment from companies doing business in South Africa during Apartheid

Manish Jain and Michael Roh

Undergraduates who formed and coordinated the Third World Coalition

Libero Della Piana

Undergraduate who led a takeover of University Hall to advocate need-blind admissions

Ruth Simmons

Brown's 18th president, who oversaw introduction of the Plan for Academic Enrichment and Brown's most successful capital campaign ever